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 About BWC Battles

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PostSubject: About BWC Battles   Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:25 pm

Once you have a BWC character, you can compete in BWC battles. A battle is when you and another member that has a character compete, to see who will be voted better. You and your competitor animate your own character beating the other in a fight. You use your character to beat the other in the fight, and the other member animates a battle of his character beating yours. Make it the most interesting battle you can, and make it so you know you'll win the votes. When you first start the battles, you can make a deadline for when the animation battle will be over. After you have both finished your battles, one of you makes a thread with the link to yours and the other members animations. Make sure you have a poll in that thread. And then the rest of the members on this forum will vote for who they think is better. Remember to have the other character atleast move and not just be a inactive stickman. If one of you do not finish your animation by the deadline, the other has the right to post their animation and say you forfeit. Once the voting is over, the winner earns one green point, and the loser gets one red point. Your green points and red points must be added to your character within a week, or else you will have all of your green points removed, and if you do not have any green points, you will have two red points added. I will check EVERY battle to make sure you follow the rules, so dont disobey the rules.
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About BWC Battles
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