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 About the BWC character section

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PostSubject: About the BWC character section   Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:02 pm

BWC means Battle Warrior Competition. Every member can make their own BWC character, but only two. If you make more than two, you will be banned. Here the rules are:
1. You must have an image showing your character, it cannot be larger than 700x700 and no smaller than 100x100.
2. You must have a demo animation showing your BWC character using his or her or its abilities and showing your animating capabilities.
3. You must introduce yourself before you make a BWC character.
4. You must have a name for your character. Try to do something cool that'll go with your character.
5. You must have the abilities of your character. That includes weapons, or powers or anything your character has as a mental or physical ability. Do not make your character overpowering, or you will be forced to make your character be changed.
6. You must have the weaknesses of your character listed. Make sure it makes sense. For example, if you have fire, then water would be a weakness. And do not have an unreasonable weakness like wedgies.
7. You must have a biography or story about your character. It can be a background story, or a story about how your character gained their abilities.
8. Battles you have competed in (including the link or video of your animation for the battle.
9. Your battle points (which is one green point for each battle won, and one red point for a loss).
10. You must follow battle rules. You can find the thread in this section.
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About the BWC character section
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