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 About the BWC Clan section

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PostSubject: About the BWC Clan section   Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:48 pm

This is the BWC clans section. A clan is a group or team that consists of multiple members. On here, those clans can only have six members consisting in them, a leader, a co-leader, three basic members, and one member with any other job you'd like. If you do not like those jobs right there, you can change them and make whatever jobs, but you do need only one leader and one co-leader. What a clan does, is you have your team, and that will consist of you and other members. For a clan to count as active, you must have three or more members in your clan. When you and another clan decide to battle, you must compete against each other, in somewhat of a giant BWC battle. Each of the members of your team (including you) must animate a BWC battle of you and your team beating the other team. And just like the BWC battles, then members will vote for who they think is better. And here's the exciting part: if your team wins, you get to choose one of their members of their clan to join your team. The member cannot refuse and they are forced to join you. If your clan roster is full (all 6 characters) then you must trade one of yours for one of theirs. In a clan battle victory though, you may not choose their leader or co-leader, as they are the most important in a clan. If you lose however, you must give up whichever member the other clan chooses. And do not refuse it, or your clan will be banned. And most importantly, you may not start a clan if you dont have two victories with your BWC character and less than two losses.
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About the BWC Clan section
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